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Charting with Dokuwiki

Over the last weeks I worked on a new Dokuwiki plugin for creating charts using the pChart library. With the pchart plugin there already existed a plugin integrating this library, however the syntax wasn't entirely what I had in mind in terms of flexibility and readability. Thus, I created the charter plugin – and accidentally deleted most of it when redoing my workstation on friday, yay me. I redid the plugin from the early version I still had on my notebook, and before I accidentally delete it again decided to release it to the public ;-) Enjoy!

Example chart as generated by the charter plugin
An example chart as generated by the charter plugin


Goodbye 2008, 2008/12/31 13:06 (Trackback)
I actually planned on writing a longer retrospective of my year 2008, but failed at doing the writeup -- just not my thing I guess. So just a quick and short one :-) 2008 was a rather interesting year for me. I decided to drop my PhD plans, got my first car, gave up my job as a research assistant, saw some of my friends for the very first time, and of course also got some stuff done regarding private projects. I also finally moved to my own server (shared with a friend) and revamped the layout …


SushiSushi, 2008/12/22 11:59

Nice work :)

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