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Terraria: I remodelled

Remember my somewhat organically grown looking house1) from Terraria? I kinda remodelled…

Damn, I love this game! =)

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I'm hooked. I really am.

The last couple of days I've been sitting at home2), doing little else but playing the everliving cr*p out of this little indiegame called "Terraria" that was released like 10 days ago on Steam.

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It's an exploration/survival/building kinda game, allowing you to explore a randomly generated world including different biomes such as forests, deserts, oceans and such, but also deep cave systems leading down to “hell”. Of course, you are not alone in this world and are constantly fending off different kinds of enemies inhabiting the biomes (Slimes, Zombies, Skeletons, …). If that sounds like Minecraft3) to your ears: Yes, there is a strong resemblance. However, Terraria adds a couple of real ingame goals in the form of bosses to defeat and in game events like Blood Moon, Goblin Invasions or falling meteorites. Besides that, I'm happy to have something like 2d Minecraft, as sadly the original triggers my motion sickness pretty hard.

So I already built a stone castle thingy:

My current base of operations
Click to enlarge.

As you can see, I've got a mushroom farm in my cellar, a little well/pool thingie and portcullis made from sand for my outer doors in case of the occasional Blood Moon (where Zombies can open doors and therefore invade my house and slaughter my NPCs).

Speaking of NPCs, I already got a couple of them to move in (a merchant, a nurse and a demolitionist and of course also the obnoxious guide4)) which provide me with different services (e.g. buying and selling items from the merchant).

Below the house is the entrace to a quite complex tunnel system where I go to explore and gather ores and such. I've just hit the -800 feet mark there and encountered my first spots of lava5). Sometimes, I also accidentally trigger waterfalls:

Additionally to my single player map, I'm also playing on a small multiplayer world together with a couple of friends. We just stole a couple of books from the Dungeon and died a horrible death when trying to defeat the first boss.

So, anyway, I can only give a full hearted recommendation for this game. It cost me 10€ and already provided me with more than a day of constant entertainment. If you happen to like sandbox environments and building your own stuff, give it a try ;-)

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Puzzling Monkey Island

I'm always trying to find ways to distract me from work and to relax better during my free time. So when my mother recently announced that she'd found solving jigsaw puzzles to be very much relaxing for her, I decided to give it a try myself. It has been a while since I did this6) but I surely remember of it being a quite fun and mind capturing pastime, so why not, right? :-)

Given that demod and me have a very small flat and therefore no place to store a partially solved jigsaw, I first got myself a case for solving and storing away jigsaw puzzles7), and then decided on something special for my first try:

"The Secret of Monkey Island" jigsaw puzzle

I ordered a custom 1000 tiles puzzle of the “Secret of Monkey Island” cover, based on those poster-ready files I already blogged about some time ago. Printing and delivery took less time than expected8) and so I could get to work last weekend. Due to a very busy week and unexpected difficulties with the motive9), it took me until yesterday to finish it. But now: Tadaa!

Next up: Either a Sheepworld puzzle I got as a birthday present some time ago10), or some very cheesy but calming motive I found while shopping for the puzzle case11). And – of course – “LeChuck's Revenge” and “The Curse of Monkey Island” sometime in the future ;-)

It seems to work btw – I didn't think about work at all while working on the puzzle.

Obligatory Christmas content

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'm spending these days relaxing with some good books and WoW12), trying to forget the horrible stressful last months and preparing for the possibly equally stressful ones ahead in 2011, so this here blog will still stay pretty quiet, sorry.

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Making Windows ready for the Desktop: A follow-up

It's been quite some time now since my post on how to make Windows usable for coding13). I thought it might be time for a follow-up, especially since I have since redefined some of my workflow, discovered new tools, etc.

For my Linux-mouse-behaviour I now incorporate Taekwindow instead of KatMouse, which started to freak out in my browser after a recent Firefox update. On top of the “scroll the window beneath the cursor and not the one with the focus” functionality, Taekwindow also adds Alt-dragging and -resizing to Windows.

For a simple and functional screenshot tool I have fallen in love with Greenshot. It is highly configurable (hotkeys for taking a screenshot of a definable section, the current window or the whole screen, the naming scheme to use for new screenies) and also comes with a simple image editor. All in all, I wouldn't want to miss it anymore when testing and creating bugs ;-) An interesting Linux equivalent would btw be Shutter.

Also a regular in my toolbox is now Notepad++ as my text editor of choice – I'd actually kill for a Linux port of this one ;-)

And last but not least, I have also installed ManicTime as my automatic time tracker, since my company really loves itself some timesheets. ManicTime automatically logs all focused windows (as in, application, window title, usage time), and these logs have really helped in the past to refresh my memory when I had to fill out my timesheet after a very busy day. I'm probably going to buy the pro version once my timesheet becomes more complex again14).

I also got rid of some applications though. I don't use Console2 or PuttyCyg anymore, and I also dumped the Samurize Clock Client with my custom clock/load monitor widget after Samurize started to crash or throwing weird error messages at me.

What I sadly also had to dump is VirtuaWin (and its “let's check this out” temporary replacement Dexpot. While I really love virtual desktops, and really really missed them when stating to use Windows again, I soon had to discover that Windows itself simply isn't ready for them yet. A couple of applications don't play well with being moved around from desktop to desktop15), and without some equivalent of DevilsPie16) virtual desktops are only half the fun anway.

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